Evolution Spring 2015 OCSA UNDER SIEGE!!! Orange County Emergency Operation officers rushed into the Humanities Tower Photo by: Kate Fahey Sarah Harrod & Avery Mann Staff Writers On March 11, five police cars gathered around OCSA to enact a realistic lockdown simulation. Administration, staff, and faculty members watched as Leadership students frantically sped through the breezeway portraying the chaos of a real life shooter scenario. Junior Hayden Allcorn (IA) was “shot” in the back and laid motionless in front of the tower building. Junior Tamar Rubin (ACT) played a student running from the building. After finishing the Illustration by: Ester Park simulation, she explained, “It was kind of uncomfortable for everyone because it’s so relevant, but because it’s so relevant we need to prepare for this type of emergency.” Sergeant Kevin Phillips of the Orange County Emergency Operations arrived on the scene -Prom Preview: OCSA’s Golden Age pg. 2 -Seniors’ college decision woes pg. 8 with first responders around 12:30pm and briefed officers on the -Check out OCSA’s band scene pg. 14 cont’d on pg. 6 situation before enter- Highlights