Evolution Follow us @ ocsaevolution We Change With You Issue 5 Santa Ana, California it’s gunna be May 2016 Every 15 Minutes Shocks OCSA Community Justine Bautista Staff Writer The scene was set for Every 15 Minutes at the senior lot as senior Jack Irvine (IA) stepped out of the vehicle with blood splattered all over him and his passenger, senior Teagan Sirset (ACT). A head-on collision was staged and two cars could be seen severely damaged, with shattered glass covering the hoods of both cars. Sirset’s body lay on the hood, having flown through the windshield, and seniors Mariah Denkov (IA) and Sarah Harrod (IA) were in the other vehicle, still in their seats. As the Santa Ana Police Department and Fire Department poured in, Denkov could be heard crying while students, parents, and faculty watched in complete silence, stunned at the sight of the accident right in front of them. On April 21, juniors and seniors experienced the car crash simulation that drew attention to both drunk and distracted driving. In one car, Irvine embodied the role of the responsible driver who was caught up in an accident caused by another person, in this case, a drunk driver. Denkov, who participated in the crash scene as the drunk driver, said, “being a part of the experience is so different from witnessing it because firsthand you can experience what you would actually have to do. You get a better idea of how detrimental it would be to your life and those around you so it’s a lot more eye-opening.” As some were taken away by ambulance, Denkov was arrested for DUI and--with tears in his eyes--Dr. Wallace announced Sirset had passed away. After the day’s events, participating students were taken to a hotel where they partook in a retreat which warned them of the dangers that come with drunk and distracted driving. The next day, all returned for an assembly and simulated funeral for Teagan Sirset and numerous experiences that I had,” said Choi, “He always gives it his all, which has enabled him to achieve great heights, and [he] exhibits a kind of passion and vigor for life that I find rare.” Shaffer was surprised to be nominated. “I thought it was a mistake at first because I didn’t apply for such an award!” The nomination process included an essay submitted by Choi, with Shaffer also being notified and asked to submit written supplementals. The award is given to just 14 teachers across the country, regardless of subject matter. “It’s so special that the catalyst of the award comes from a student nomination,” said Schaffer. Shaffer gives much credit to his experiences in the classroom to which has shaped him as a person and educator: “The experiences I had in the classroom as a student have defined the type of educator and the type of person I’ve wanted to become.” His passion and inspirational nature in the classroom was recognized by Choi who said Shaffer is “a total joker, constantly making us laugh and cul- tivating funny memories.” “I’m not different in the classroom than I am outside of the classroom. I feel incredibly genuine about what I do. I absolutely love what I do,” he said. Since taking the position of Dean of Arts Conservatories, Shaffer now only has time to conduct for the Wind Studies program. He said, “The little bit of time I still have in the classroom is even more important to me because it’s literally food to me.” Stephen Sondheim, who carries the name of the award, is a well-renowned musical theatre composer known for his works such as “West Side Story,” “Company,” “Into the Woods,” and “Gypsy.” Details have not yet been released if there will be a presentation or ceremony. However, in years past, the teachers have been recognized at the White House and the Kennedy Center. If given the chance to speak to Sondheim, Shaffer said he “would thank him for creating a vehicle and a mechanism through which teachers can be recognized for their hard work inside and outside of the classroom.” Sarah Harrod, the most emotional part for juniors and seniors. Along with the accident, many students were pulled out of class to demonstrate someone dying due to drunk or distracted driving every 15 minutes. Students who participated as the living dead included seniors Morgan Barazza (PD), Anika Braganza (MT), Sara Chustz (PD),Peter DePaola IV (CAH), Julia Eve La Puma (IM), Rachel Lemp (CM), Olivia Mazzucato (FTV), Morgan Nishisaka (CAH), Cooper Reynolds (ACT), Julia Rudge (CMD), Mizuki Sako (CCD) and juniors Emma Bartlett (VA), Bella Kimmel (CCD), and Julia Meyer (CCD). The events continued in the Webb Theater as the living dead came on stage and sat down next to the coffin placed in the center. A video was played which recapped the car crash incident along with the aftermath where Denkov was convicted of a DUI and Harrod was pronounced dead at the hospital with her parents. They could be seen crying at the sound of the news. Students sat in shock, affected by the sight of their friends paired with the “In Memoriam” slideshow and the video. Senior Morgan Nishisaka (CAH) said, “The Nikki Rosenbloom Sarah Chen Staff Writers her maturity and talent in areas other than the academics. “In a school like ours [where] all students need to audition to get [in], the level of performance is already high. So for someone like Shelby, who as a violinist rose to become concertmaster of the top orchestra (the Symphony Orchestra), it’s a testament to her talent,” said Mr. Russell, the orchestra and strings program conductor. The Resident Honors Program tries to make students like Wong feel as comfortable as possible when adjusting to the college lifestyle. “They’re really caring people, since they know that it’s hard ȁչ)Ѽͽѥ́ЁѼ)ݥѠݡɔ)ݼ啅́ȁѡѡ)ɔtхѕ]q'eٔ)ɐѡхԁѼ)͕յ̰̰ѡ)ѡ̰Ёȁոչѥ̻t)Q՝͕ȁ啅ȁ)ݥѠѥɥ́Ѽ͠ѡЁѕȁՑӊé)͍ɕȰ]ݥ)͕ͭȁ啅ȁѥɕ+q%Ё́ɕ䁉ѕݕа)ȁɔ$݅́ɕ䁱݅ɐѼ͕ȁ啅)͔ѡɗéͼ) ѥՕ() ѥՕ()QQɥQɕMȁЁ=9M())5) ѽȵ ()QɕMȰ)́ ͕مѽɥ)́ ͕مѽɥ̰QɕMȰ)́Ёѕ́ɽ́ѡչ)Ѽɕٔѡ؁Q)- ѕȽMѕ)M%Ʌѥ)Qȁ݅ɐݡ)Ց́ɥ锸+q%ӊéٕ䁡յѼ)ɕ镐ȁ)ݽɬչ䰁Ё䁥Mѡɸ) ɹЁɽ́ѡ)ѥͼͥєɅѥ)́ѕ̳tͅMȸ)!݅́ѕ)= Mմ)ձ (%4`Ԥݡ݅́)ՑЁѡɕɥ)]MՑ́ɽɅ+q!Օͥ)ȁͥ͡()M]ȁхѕ))չȁM](%4ݥqЁtЁUM )ѡ́Ёѡɥ(ظQɽ՝ѡIͥ)!́AɽɅ])ݥͭȁ͕ȁ啅)Ё= Mݕȁ́)ɕ͡ݥѠѡ) ́+q%=ѽȰ$Ёѡ)ѕȁѡ)ͅͽѡa=)ԁ͕ѡ)ͽݡݽձ݅)Ѽ͕ͭȁ啅Ȼd$)Ё݅́ѽ)չѼ́ͼ)$ѼݥѠгt)ͅ])]́ѡ)Ѽፕѥ)͍չٕ́ѡ)չ䁉UM ѼQɽѕȁ)͡ѡȁչȁ啅ȸ)]éɽɕхѥ͡ݥѡ)ȁ͕مѽ䁑((0