Evolution Summer Edition

Evolution Summer 2015 Take Me To: Funky Follies Kelly Cirigliano struts her funky stuff singing “Uptown Funk” at Faculty Follies with Jeremy Hansuvadha, Samantha Mo, Debbie Karr, Rima Semaan, Carrie Combs, Katie Rush, Mindy Shiroma, Vanessa Musso, Nicole Read, Casey Garritano, and Pamela Smith Photo courtesy of: Cheryl Walsh Curtain Call Julia Tran & Bella Shary Staff Writers Season Finale, the final sendoff for conservatories and OCSA’s seniors before summer, has come! The popular performance was held at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on May 30 for an audience of 3000. Students from all 15 conservatories got to display what they have learned throughout the year through a variety of mediums including musical performances, poetic readings, and videos of art. The show also provided audience members a good overview of each conservatory. “For new students considering to come to OCSA, this is a great way to learn, in one night, about what we have to offer in every conservatory,” said Creative Director Cindy Peca. For some conservato- cont’d on pg. 13 ries, the work was pre- Highlights —Seniors Choose Career Paths pg. 3 — New Common Core Testing Tests Student’s Patience pg. 7 —OCSA student to co-star in new Jennifer Lawerence film pg. 14 —Teachers Take On Summer Jobs pg. 11