Water Sustainability are searching more and more for energy resources, such as petrol. Unfortunately, the majority of Water is a main factor that affects humans’ life. Keeping clean water assures a good and healthy human body, meanwhile human’s consumption of water is always increasing, and also technological innovations are continuously causing an increase in water spoiling percentage. Water consumption is always the discussing main water topic when sustainability. accidents, like oil spillage are human made. Oil spills can be due to individuals’ mistakes and careless people who release the oil from oil tankers or boats. It might be also caused due to equipment breakdowns, tankers stuck in shallow land, which causes the leak of oil. Besides, every boat has a limit amount of oil release, which cannot be seen by the naked eye and However, many other issues that may affect our water and its ecosystem are ignored. For example, oil spillage; which means the discharge of the liquid petroleum hydrocarbon in all marine areas; oceans, coastal waters, seas, and rivers. The probability of this phenomenon to occur has been sometimes ship members can exceed increasing over years, since humans the limited amount and release more