American University reached its goal University set in 2011 to reduce its energy nanotechnology labs, are working to consumption by one third. “Under the find ways to create “smart energy” to guidance of the University energy produce conservation team, this goal was electricity achieved in only two years, reducing (Researchers Use Sunlight). the amount of energy used by 35 help in sustaining energy by using million kilowatt hours annually and nanomaterials to collect saving the University an estimated $2 therefore, million consumption and then turn this solar annually, a one-third reduction in the utilities budget.” (1/3 in Cairo’s renewable fuels from decrease (AUC) and sunlight.” They sunlight fossil fuel energy into the clean fuel Hydrogen. Energy Reduction). AUC researchers are also helping in sustaining energy. “researchers at the American Citations. Energy Sustainability AUC on Track to Slash Energy Use by 20 Percent this Year, March 25, 2012 AUC Team Achieves 1/3 Energy Reduction Target in Two Years Instead of Three, November 14,2013