These ways friendly, are efficient environmentally and sources will be required: coal, most nuclear, biomass, other renewables, importantly help sustainability. The unconventional oil and natural gas. first way is to use electricity more Options like these are part of a efficiently. We could use the same concept called energy sustainability.” amount of energy produced a year to (Energy Sustainability). do much more by using it efficiently and effectively. This can happen if Energy one, for example, don’t keep all the University in Cairo. in The American lights at their home on all the time The American University in but keep the lights of the room they Cairo helps in sustaining energy. are sitting in on only. This way, one While most universities were trying would have saved a lot of energy for to decrease energy consumption by other uses with the same amount of 15 to 30% in a several of years, the energy production. Another way to AUC did that in only 6 months. In sustain energy is by using renewable 2012, The American University in energy resources. Renewable energy Cairo reduced its energy consumption resources will provide the same by a huge as well as impressive amount of energy non-renewable amount. “AUC has used 20.4 percent ones does but without polluting the less energy in kilowatt hours (KWH) environment, without the toxic gases University-wide, compared to the and smell. same six-month period a year earlier, Renewable energy resources include with an eye toward reducing overall solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy use by one third in three energy and biomass. “There are ways years.” (AUC Slash Energy). By to reduce waste and use existing reducing this energy consumption, technologies to keep the air cleaner the AUC was able to decrease its by reducing fossil fuels emissions. fossil fuel consumption and save Expansion of all economic energy millions of dollars. In 2013, the without the bad