amount of energy and will introduce energy mix in 2050 in a form of a lot of money to our country causing infographic and we participated in an economical rise. And by this this competition and we achieved the concept we are not saving energy 3rd place winning infographic. This only, as we consume less fuel we research produce less exhaust gases so we are researches in the field of energy are lowering the bad impact of these inspiring us and really leading us to gases the right on the environment. and all the relevant track, Q: Do you have any plans for other more sustainable concepts? research A: In our research entity we are more having these researches which drive problems us towards the fields we need to work are observed more systems are built on. I haven’t told you that Shell Eco- to cover and solve these problems in marathon was organizing another the form of sustainable systems. competition judged by National Geographic to make a research on the Interviewer: Marah Mohamed