passion and skills required for this teams mission. competition till now. Q: What was your first step and Q: So you are designing race cars when? only? A: As I told you we are learning, A:In 2013, we decided to widen our applying and teaching knowledge and scope to be not we made this obvious in our motto designing “Driving knowledge and industry into manufacturing action”. We learn the science at our racing cars only. faculty, we apply it in scientific An international projects competition then we participate in who participated in this and international competitions to measure called Shell Eco-marathon invited us how far we are from the developed to participate in its event in Asia, the countries which we say that they are competition is challenging students to preceding us by many light-years. build ultra-efficient cars to go furthest We started in 2011, we registered in using the least amount of energy. We the Formula Student UK competition accepted the challenge as it is really a but due to the revolution and its hard challenge and in a scope which consequences we didn’t participated. our country needs. Q: It was really a tough start, how did you overcome this? A: After failing to participate in Q: Interesting, tell me more about Formula student UK in 2011, it was a this competition. great motive to participate in 2012 A: This competition started 30 years and we ranked 11th in class 2. In ago in three continents Americas, 2013, we ranked 72nd in class 1 and Europe and Asia. The objective is to by this ranks we are the 1st rank save more energy or more precisely between all the Arabian and African to use the least amount of energy. Students from all over the world are