Interview with ASU Automotive and Mobile-Robotics industries and technologies, through racing team: learning, applying and teaching knowledge. We believe that there is a lot of potential and capabilities in the Q: Talk to us about yourself, who Egyptian youth appearing in their are you representing and how are passion to learn and revive our nation you contributing to a more through strengthening a couple of sustainable Egypt? heavy industries that could cause a A: I'm Mohamed SamehAshour, a mechatronics engineering graduate from Ain-Shams University and the vice team leader of shell ecomarathon team of ASU racing team. When we first got the chance to enter a competition for eco-friendly cars, we thought that the best way possible especially for Egypt is to build a car that rationalizes the fuel consumption that also contributes in lowering the remarkable rise. Believing in this; we decided to take the initiative and take a step towards building the transferring starting knowledge block, and application, aiding the youth and start reviving the Automotive and MobileRobotics industries, technologies and businesses. Our mission is to establish an advanced Egyptian research entity with pollution economical divisions concerned with Automotiv Q: What is ASU Racing Team? A: We are a group of Multidiscipline Engineering Students supervised by our professors at the Faculty of Engineering – Ain-Shams University aiming to revive industry and technology in Egypt; specifically e Engineerin g and Mobile Robotics, so this initiative is to create youth leaders with the