to convince students about separating Sustainability at the sources to make recycling easier. AUC Recycling decrease the amount of sustainability waste, save natural resources and becomes an important issue that is create a financial benefit for each discussed in some universities. The person. The trash system in AUC has American University newly formed “ been Sustainable Committee” outdoor. The indoor is divided into which gathers all people in the food and non-food while the outdoors campus in is divided into paper and non-paper. sustainability and environment. The Unfortunately, the students do not goal of this committee is raising give attention while throwing garbage awareness about the importance of and they ruin this new system by making throwing In Egypt, Campus who AUC are more interested sustainable, changed in into any indoor bin and without creating a place to exchange ideas separating different kinds of trashes. and developing. The article discusses The committee tried to learn students some of the projects that took place in about the significance of