and Sustainability: Energy. As mentioned before, sustainability all non-renewable energy resources in order to save sustainable some for future generations to help development is the ability to provide them survive and thrive. Nowadays, all the resources one needs without the percentage of non-renewable the compromise of providing for resources used to provide energy is future needs. Also, it has several very high. “More than 85% of the dimensions like economic, social and world’s current energy needs are met environmental. In a previous article, through fossil fuels such as coal, oil it stated that recycling was one of the and types environmental Sustainability). This will not only be dimension. Another type of the able to provide for future needs as it environmental dimension is energy. will run out but it also pollutes the Energy is not only a part of the environment environmental dimension but also a producing part of the economic and social resources produce and emit toxic dimension. “Energy sustainability is gases such as carbon dioxide which is about finding the balance between a a green house gas thus global growing economy, the need for warming. Also, it produces a lot of environmental protection and social smoke with a horrible smell. The responsibilities in order to provide an usage of these fuels and energy improved quality of life for current resources and future generations.” (Energy developing countries due to their Sustainability). increase in usage of electricity, cars of or basically the natural as (Energy gas.” the energy especially process from of these increases in and machinery. Energy sustainability is all about not using all the energy Energy can be used in ways resources, which includes coal, fuel that aid sustainable development.