know their basic rights, they will ask government organizations that are for them without being afraid because responsible for visiting poor areas to they know that the government cannot harm them by any means as these rights are written in the constitution. As a result, local governments will automatically be forced to improve poor people’s provision of essential services like educate children and women for free. water and sanitation to avoid any These organizations collect money demonstrations. These poor people from rich people as donations and don’t want a luxurious life, but they this is also a way to decrease the gap want a life without indignity with between only The Education gives an opportunity for percentage of poverty will decrease poor people to develop their skills when the government offers the basic and knowledge that they need to needs for poor people. better their conditions and improve their basic needs. rich and poor people. their life. Illiteracy is one of the basic causes of poverty because if someone All in all, poverty is a serious is not educated, t he will work in a problem that is facing the whole small job with low wages. “Nearly a world and its percentage is increasing billion 21st rapidly. So what are we waiting for? century unable to read a book or sign We have to solve the issue of poverty their names” ( Shah). It will be a before the situation get worse, so it is brilliant NOW or NEVER. people idea entered to the establish non- http://www.globalissues.org/issue/2/causes-of-povert