encouraging its student and workers Sustainability at AUC to adopt the idea and start taking positive steps in the path of a brighter future. The Sustainable Campus What is sustainability and why is it so Committee of AUC organizes two important that people have been days every year to spread an recently talking about awareness campaign for all the it a lot? Why do they think that it is university’s members. They built a one of the most important things that booth that has been placed in the we should care about if we need to Bartlett plaza for two consecutive get any chance of having a better days future? November 24 and 25 to Sustainability is a very encourage students to ask about the simple concept that we need to apply concept and what kind of and practice from now on to save the contributions they can make for the coming generations of all living sake of their university and country. organisms including ourselves. It is The Sustainable Campus Committee the concept of living in harmony with members had flyers and posters and all living organisms in our volunteered members who are willing surrounding environment, ensuring and ready in every way possible to that we do not interrupt their systems spread the campaign’s projects. with our actions. The Sustainable Campus Committee The American University in Cairo had many projects that are all knew the importance of having a considered equally important to the sustainable environment and started campus and also to people to make