taken. First, there should be articles written in the constitution of countries that support women and ensure that they have rights. For example, laws should be implemented against those sexually who harass try to women. everybody will respect women and Moreover, NGOs as well as other provide them with good jobs and stop organizations should be established in treating them like slaves. all countries all over the world to Finally, women should be ensure that women have equal job treated like men as they are important opportunities The members of the society and an organisations should also educate Egyptian proverb says " behind every illiterate women and teach them to do great man there is a great woman". things like sewing for example to We should treat women with more earn a living. Furthermore, women respect and stop discrimination. should by Noha Ibrahim gain as good men. access to healthcare to treat fatal diseases like HIV. If this was ensured then Works citied "Empowering Women as Key Change Agents." Empowering Women and Men to End Their Own Hunger. The Hunger Project, n.d. Web. 10 Dec. 2013.