license. It also appears that many For many years, women have women do not access good education been neglected by the society and and healthcare, "The vast majority of marginalized in several countries all the world's poor are women. Two- over the globe. There is gender thirds of the world's illiterates are inequality in many countries and female. Of the millions of school age many people believe that women are children not in school, the majority just weak creatures who do not have are girls. And today, HIV/AIDS is a vital role in the society and think rapidly becoming a woman's disease. that women are inferior to men. The In several southern African countries, question is how to provide women more than three-quarters of all young with a sustainable future, ensure people living with HIV are women"( equality to men and provide them Empowering Women as Key Change with their rights? Agents). Moreover, most women in Women do not gain freedom many countries are subjected to in their countries, the rates of sexual uneducated women is larger than the especially in Egypt. rates of uneducated men. In addition, woman walks on the street alone she many women are controlled by men receives verbal harassment and many and receive sexual harassment by perverts incapable of meeting demands or having jobs. their Their positions in many jobs is limited in and when they verbal use harassment, Whenever a the public transportation service. several countries, for example in In order to eliminate these Egypt a women cannot run for issues and provide women with their President and Saudi Arabia women rights to ensure a sustainable future, cannot drive cars and have a driving several measurements should be