demand due to the lack of regulations these new areas, so the main problem and awareness. The major problem remained the same and wasn’t solved. Even in rural areas, farmers built their homes over the agricultural lands, as they believe the closer they are to their lands the better and safer it is. This problem of land usage and that all Egyptians are concentrated on management is also a result of the the delta sides and only few number presence of factories in residential of people live in other places, such areas.The absence of parks and green as,Bedewen people who in the desert. areas is not only causing land usage As the population growth keeps management problems, but also increasing, people keep replacing the causing agricultural lands or atmosphere problems; any green therefore, almost all the ecosystem is spacesby buildings. Here comes the unsustainable and unhealthy. problem, only in Cairo we can finger To sum up, the usage and count the few number of gardens or management of the land in Egypt is parks like el Azhar, anywhere else is not in a sustainable way and the surrounded by buildings. Besides, situation is getting worse. The when the government and some government has to create more private companies tried to create awareness prog rams regulations and and strict to avoid some compounds around Cairo, such as,New Cairo and 6th of October, laws unsustainable usage of land. people kept their apartments in downtown and bought new ones in By :Emy Salem Farag Works Cited http://www.fao.org/nr/land/sustainable-land-management/en/ http://www.environmental-expert.com/environmentalmanagement/sustainability/companies/keyword-land-use-planning18160/location-egypt