the middle the letters ALU in facility, which enables us to recycle lowercase.” (Claridge) organic waste as fertilizer for campus landscaping Recycling in The American University in Cairo. instead of buying chemical fertilizer from the outside,” said Rauch.” (New Trash Stations). The American University in By recycling and reusing and Cairo has helped a lot in sustainable development. It encourages recycling in every way possible and has done its best to make students and people recycle. Trash sorting stations have been placed in the highest used areas of the AUC campus. Each station has six colored baskets; each color represents the type or material of trash. “From left to right, they include cans and metal (grey), bottles and glass (yellow), plastic (blue), food (green), white (paper) and ‘other trash’ (red).” (New Trash Stations) It also helped in waste management and now these trashes are recycled and then reused for other uses on AUC campus. “The food bins can provide raw material for AUC’s on-site composting doing all what is in our power to help in sustainable development, we have ensured a thriving and fruitful life for our future generations. And we have also made sure that we do not become extinct.