Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 18 - Page 43

ceilings with hanging foliage/flowers or full lush garlands of flowers along the tables that fall to the ground! I also find such joy in creating interesting flower combinations that I feel speak to the event or communicate something about the couple getting married. If the set-up is in nature, I also love to use the outdoor elements of that area in my pieces so that there is a synergy between them. WHAT IS TRENDING FOR 2017? There is a lot of greenery around, and a lot of predictions about foliage being the main trend for this year, as green is the pantone colour! I agree with this, and can already see it happening. The second aspect is that brides are becoming more daring in their wedding styling, and going for more bold looks with unusual colour palettes. This will become more popular, and it creates an art and vogue look. Dehan Engelbreght Photography Dehan Engelbreght Photography Dehan Engelbreght Photography 43