Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 18 - Page 42

Meet Pippa of Wildeflower flowers from their gardens and my aunt taught me a lot about arranging during those young years. Andrea Gemma Bester HOW DID YOU FIRST FALL IN LOVE WITH FLOWERS? As a little girl I used to play in my Mum’ s beautiful garden on our farm. I would get lost for hours in the garden each day, dancing among the ferns in the shrubbery or picking roses and magnolia blossoms. The garden became a place of imagination and fun. At the age of about 10, I started to go to family-friends’ wedding set-ups in our farming community. All the farmers’ wives would bring bakkie loads of 42 HOW DID WILDEFLOWER START Wildeflower was simply birthed out of a passion for flowers and for creating beauty. After working with two flower companies, the time came for me to start Wildeflower. I am a strong believer in listening to your heart, and so that is how I’ve learnt most of my skills with arranging, by listening to my heart and letting it guide me. Playing with flowers is where I feel completely free, and so I find the quote, ‘ You belong among the wild flowers.. you belong somewhere you feel free’ so fitting for how it all started. Wildeflower started in KZN, and then my husband and I moved to Cape Town at the end of last year, so Wildeflower is new down in the Cape. WHAT I LOVE DOING As my business name suggests, I love creating floral pieces that are a bit wild and look like they’ re ‘ growing’. In this style I love creating big and bold set- ups, such as covering the reception