Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 13 - Page 16

Event Planning You Need an Event Planner and Here’s Why The internet has made us extremely resourceful. Anything you want to know is just one click away. While sick in bed, have you ever Googled your symptoms only to discover that it could be Ebola? Instead of visiting the hairdresser, have you attempted to follow a tutorial on YouTube and an hour later realised that it looks nothing like a French braid? And finally, have you ever scoured through Pinterest while trying to plan a major event and wondered why it didn’t turn out as expected? Don’t get us wrong the internet is an excellent resource when conceptualising an event. There are great thought-starters available to get you inspired. But behind that image of a perfectly lit bedouin tent, immaculate seating arrangement and delectable canapés, there are hours of meticulous planning. Much like looking up your symptoms online, at some point you need the help of a trained professional. Here are four reasons why it’s essential to hire an event planner: 1) You’ll save money. That’s right. Hiring an event planner is cost effective. Any events management company, like Event Affairs, that has been around for years has built solid relationships with suppliers. We can negotiate the best prices on your behalf. It’s our job to ensure that the entire event fits within [016] your budget. We also understand that times are tough at the moment, so every cent counts. 2) The right expertise for the job. This ain’t our first rodeo. When you’ve been conceptualising, planning and managing events for as long as we have, you know what to expect. Event specialists know exactly what could go wrong with an event, and are equipped to deal with it. 3) Less stress, more time. Every event should be memorable. Let someone else worry about the seating arrangements and if the canapés are served on time. Whether it’s your wedding, a special birthday or a corporate event, you should be focusing on having a good time with your guests. 4) We have connections. Especially when it comes to finding the best venue for your event. We’ve done plenty of site visits and we know all the hidden gems. Let us do what we do best and negotiate the perfect venue, at the ideal price. Conceptualising, planning and managing an event isn’t a simple task. By hiring an events management company, you’ll rest assured that your event is a personal, sophisticated and memorable affair.