Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 09 - Page 35

We caught up with Ross Wilson, owner of urbantonic this month to chat all things furniture… Over the last four years I have travelled extensively attending between two to three Furniture Fairs a year in Cities like Milan, Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In particular, over the last year the strong international trend that I have seen emerge at Milan and followed up in Shanghai, has been what I call “That 70’s Scandinavian Show”. Our adventurous clients have really bought into this trend. Basically take the furniture from the lounge of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s show and throw in some Scandinavian sophistication. The lines are rectangular, clean and minimalist. The legs, feet and armrests are light Beachwood (the metal Eames style chair leg or any metal leg for that matter is on the way out in my opinion) and then have the seat of PU or PC (Polyurethane or Polycarbonate – basically two different grades of Plastic) or fabric. The colour pallet Event Affairs // Feature urbantonic is rather 70’s as well – Pastel, and for the bold, Vibrant Pastel. Think olives, ochre’s, brown’s, off creams but with stronger depths of colour. Two tone colours are also very big. Think tan seat with olive arm and backrests or Beachwood legs and white sprayed seat (The Woodrow featured below). The “Natural Rustic Look” has not yet run its course yet. Pallet tables, bars, couches and now the cross-back chair (pictured below). However, what is happening is “Vintage” and “Modern” are being added to the mix. For example, take a vintage double seater Queen Anne couch and add modern feature chairs like the Happy Chair or the Perspex Spider chair with a glass topped coffee table. The key is you must experiment, don’t allow all the furniture to look the same but mix and match whilst keeping sophistication in your look. [35]