Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 09 - Page 2

Edition No. 9 - Extended Silly Season February is one of the busiest months in the events industry, particularly in Cape Town, since it’s right slap bang in the middle of wedding season. We’re all familiar with the perfect weather for weddings and plenty of corporate companies host events to kick start the year. Cape Town is also home to the Presidential Golf Cup and the annual Mining Indaba, which brings with it so many exciting networking and incentive events. At Event Affairs HQ, it has been no different; back-to-back weddings, and a week filled with Mining Indaba events – we’ve all been like ships passing in the night. And at this stage, March does not look like it’s slowing down either. So for us, whilst one of us is returning from Meetings Africa, with a wealth of knowledge, another is falling in love with her brand new baby girl! Things are really hectic, but we’re pretty ecstatic about it and we welcome all these exciting events and clients with open arms. In this month’s edition, we showcase one of our Mining Indaba events – a ‘slow lounge’ concept that worked so well. We also share a wedding from last year November. Why an older wedding you ask? Well, we keep getting emails from clients using this particular wedding as a reference so we figured you’d love it too! It’s truly magical... Our advice during this extended silly season, turn off the politics and all things SONO, grab a drink of choice, sit back and relax whilst we indulge you for a couple of minutes! Megan, Lindy & the EA Team [02]