Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 07 - Page 18

What is an Experiential Event “Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge.” Mahatma Gandhi It’s no myth that experience trumps any book and that undeniably applies to your company and brand when it comes to customer experiences. The best marketing tool you have at hand is the customers first hand experience with your brand. Writing for Forbes online, Daniel Newman states that ‘where customers want to spend their money is no longer influenced by brand messages, but rather by the experiences they get from brands’. The Event Affairs Experiential Division was created in part on this premise and creates experiences that are an extension of your brand or product. Our intention is to make your guests (whether a potential customer or your top client) feel treated, appreciated and on top of the world. Integrating your brand or product into the very fibre of the experience, we tailor make unique experiences to create long- lasting memories associated with your brand. The division was also created to showcase our beautiful country to those visiting from afar – whether for an incentive tour, leisure travel or a family reunion. Being so fanatical about our luscious landscape and the never-ending list of activities within our reach, we felt that our international travellers deserve to experience these aspects with as much comfort as can be offered. In a nutshell, the next time you see a space and think ‘hmmm, I’d love to have a picnic there’, let us know and we’ll create it! So in short, an Experiential Event is your ‘out of the ordinary’ event that is bespoke and uniquely designed with your brand or intended experience in mind. It requires a lot more logistics and expertise than your average conference or cocktail party but has a far greater impact on your guests.