Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 06 - Page 2

Edition No. 6 - Year End - What is life without family? Especially over the festive season! The word ‘family’ immediately brings a sense of closeness and familiarity for us at Event Affairs as we relish in each and every moment we get to spend with them during the silly season! With the festive season being our busy time of year, our families often take the back seat. We therefore always appreciate the time we do get to spend with them, sharing the season’s greatest moments - from the hilarious dance moves of one guest at his year-end event to the most beautiful groom’s speech at one of our boutique weddings. This month’s issue has a strong family theme. Our featured wedding brings an Italian family together in South Africa where we witnessed an amazing joining of cultures and traditions between the Italians and South Africans. We share a wonderful corporate family day which re-iterates the importance of involving your loved one in your corporate year end. And lastly, we offer you some fabulous tips on how to host the perfect Christmas party in the comfort of your own home but with some of the flashy bells & whistles you could get from going to a catered and managed event! The meaning of the festive season can sometimes get lost amongst all the media and buzz but remember that at the end of the day it’s all about you and your family spending quality time together. We thank you for your support this year and we hope you enjoy what we have to share with you, our family of fans! May you be inspired to reach out and treat your own beautiful family this festive season! Megan, Lindy & the EA Team