Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 05 - Page 5

Based in Angola, Andrea & Feuder approached the Event Affairs Team on the subject of their wedding over a year ago. And so the wedding planning began - little did we know that we would bond so much with such an incredible couple. This fun-filled journey turned out to be sweetly sentimental as on the wedding day, it felt like we were witnessing our close friends getting married! Cape Point Vineyards was the second venue shown to the couple and they instantly fell in love with the beautiful views of Noordhoek beach and the natural beauty of the venue. They wanted an organic and country-like styled wedding and the venue, from the stone built bar to the wooden patio, lent itself to this entirely. The theme of the wedding was brought through all the elements on offer from the self-service Cachaça Cocktail station (a traditional Brazilian drink Andrea brought in to honour her Brazilian heritage) right through to a beautiful naked wedding cake. The cake topper was a caricature of the couple custommade in Brazil - an actual “mini me” version of the couple and even included Andrea’s camera (as she is a photographer at heart), and Feuder’s bicycle that he is rarely seen without. The whole experience of planning this wedding was not only very special because of the bond we made with the couple, but it was also insightful to the rich Angolan culture. From flying in an Angolan DJ who kept the guests ‘ jiving’ to Latino style music to the tradition of an abundant food buffet for the guests to enjoy. We also setup a “sweet treats” table with Angolan delights, as this is said to bless the bridal couple with a sweet marriage. Event Affairs // Weddings Andrea & Feuder There is a big emphasis on the cutting of the cake which is ceremoniously done straight after dinner. We served the guests French Champagne which they toasted the couple with while they shared their first piece of cake together. When it came to the garter and bouquet throwing, the garter, instead of being tossed to the single bachelors at the wedding, is customarily bid for by these bachelors, and the winner of the bid danced with the lovely lady who caught the bouquet. The guests danced the night away and enjoyed the buffet all night long, before departing in shuttles back to their hotels. A job well done by our amazing wedding team! [05]