Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 05 - Page 20

Shelly & Dean Three months before her wedding day, Shelley was referred to us and, after the initial shock of the time frame wore off, we immediately began with the planning of their special day. We spent hours getting to know the couple and conceptualising their wedding with them to make sure we had all bases covered. Hitting it off with the bride gave Megan insight into her vision for her special day, which is every coordinator’s dream! Being such a relaxed couple, they were not at all worried about the ‘highmaintenance’ stuff - Shelly and Dean wanted an eloquently coordinated day without all the fuss. The ceremony incorporated whitewashed benches and neutral scatter cushions along with colourful flowers that were purposefully placed in large terracotta pots on larger tree trunk cut outs. Pre-dinner drinks followed the same theme with terracotta pots again giving a homely, garden feel to the area. The Creamery served their famous ice-cream which was an absolute hit and bubbly, accompanied by canapés, were served whilst the bridal couple had their photo’s done. Guests then moved over to the reception area on the lawn underneath an expansive Bedouin tent. Pallet tables combined with round tables were used as the bride’s Father, being a traditionalist wanted round tables and Shelley, with a more modern eye, wanted something different and opted for the bare wood, rectangular tables. Adding to the colourful décor, were the handmade napkins, which the bride made herself – all 160 of them! Name cards with quirky dancefloor rules were perched on the amber and pink water glasses which greeted the guests at their tables. Throwing tradition to the wind, delicious burgers with fries and coleslaw were served as the main course with gorgeous mini cakes served as dessert along with the most impressive cheesecake created by a close friend of the bride, Kate George. Me and Mr Brown kept the guests dancing from early in the evening right until the very end even having to throw in a couple of extra songs as the guests had not had their fill. Every guest left with big smiles on their faces - we are sure that they could have easily stayed until sunrise had they had the chance.