Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 05 - Page 2

Edition No. 5 - Weddings - The wedding seasons have changed over the years with our first weddings kicking off as early as the start of Spring right up until May. We even get some brave brides who venture into June and July as the idea of huddling round a warm fireplace with their nearest and dearest really appeals to them. There is one thing for sure, the wedding season is upon us and to say that we are excited is an understatement! All the planning from over a year ago starts taking effect and we setup all the fun meetings for our bridal couple’s – cake tastings, menu tastings, wine tastings and table mockups. And best of all, we get to see it all unfold over the next couple months. In this edition, we share a very special Angolan wedding – the first of its kind for the Event Affairs wedding team. We then indulge you in one of the most down-to-earth weddings of Shelley and Dean which resonated all the important things about weddings – love, family, friends and true happiness. And lastly, we sat down with some of our favourite photographers to get their side of the story and impart some invaluable industry advice. Take a moment out of your manic day, grab a cuppa and treat yourself to a little me time. Megan, Lindy & the EA Team