Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 03 - Page 2

Edition No. 3 - Spring - Spring has sprung…Thank goodness! In the world of Events, winter is usually warmly welcomed, as it is generally a time to for us to chill and grab a vacation to a summer island or European country. You would find us there calmly forgetting about the dreary Cape Town weather and focusing on having some ‘down time’ in the sun before season hits. That was the aim of the game last year when Lindy was whisked off to Italy on a belated honeymoon with her husband. And Megan…well, Megan came back from a romantic holiday in Bali sporting a beautiful engagement ring and a fiancé at her side! This year the EA team did not have this luxury. Preparations for the upcoming busy season fell upon us like a thundershower and many of our corporate clients thought it best to entertain despite the wintery weather. Spring has now fallen upon us and we couldn’t be more excited as the days are getting longer and the evenings are getting warmer. We’re very excited to welcome the busy season with open arms! This edition is a taste of things to come: from Destination Weddings to intimate Gala Dinners. We hope you enjoy this Spring-time Edition as much as we did sipping the cocktails at our Spring-inspired styled shoot! Happy Reading! Megan, Lindy & the EA Team