Event Affairs News-Zine Edition 01 - Page 26

This 21st was like stepping into Disney World for the first time, a glimpse into the mind of Walt Disney himself. From tumbling down a rabbit hole, singing along with Ariel, and meeting the seven dwarves, all the Disney Classics were showcased. Guests were seated at the long majestic dining table and were greeted by the most magical selection of foods resembling that of the Lost Boys Feast – think Bone in Lamb, over sized Roast Chickens and opulent platters of Vegetables and Salads The entrance area had a specific air of Alice in Wonderland with Red Hearts hanging in the perfectly manicured shrubbery. Oversized clocks strategically placed throughout the lawn created a world of fantasy leaving guests wondering if the Cheshire cat would be popping out at any time. And once you entered the marquee for dinner you glided through every Disney story ever created with the larger than life-sized printouts alongside you. The magical trees with hanging crystals that had fairy lights woven through the branches illuminated the candy buffet, again depicting the Mad Hatters Tea party with oversized cups overflowing with treats. The birthday girl was seated at the head of the table in a throne fit for a queen and was serenaded by Disney’s – Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid.