Event Affairs News-Zine EA Edition 16 - Page 15

Event Affairs // Events Corporate Carnival If you’re looking for an action-packed day for your staff, why not invite them to a carnival? The Event Affairs team will arrange everything from personalised tickets to co-ordinating all activities during the day. Your staff will feel as though they’re attending a carnival designed just for them. Set Sail If you’re near the ocean or river, invite your staff on a relaxing cruise. Depending on the size of your team, this is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something different. You’ll spend the day enjoying delicious snacks and sipping on cocktails. It’s a real treat for your team! Weekend Away For a more intimate affair, arranging a weekend away could be ideal for your year-end function. There are fabulous venues just outside all main regions in SA. Our team will co-ordinate everything including travel, accommodation and a full itinerary. This affords you time to focus on your staff. Game On What better way to end the year then by getting the team together for some healthy competition? South Africans love their sport! A games day is ideal for big or small teams. We’ll even organise a prize giving for your staff at the end of the day with personalised medals and trophies. It’s all about the detail. These are just a few ideas when it comes to Corporate Events. Our team is ready to conceptualise an event to suit your brand and your budget. We suggest doing it sooner, rather than later, as December is around the corner. We’ll be popping open a bottle of bubbly and toasting to 2017 before we know it! [015]