EVDG VOL.3 - Page 9

AB: My second book is about to come out. The tools 4 Survival pt 2 "You're stronger than you think you are" and I am working on my third book which I would like to turn into a movie. NB:WHERE CAN THE BOOK BE PURCHASED AB:The book can be purchased on Amazon NB:Last question What would you like for everyone to get out of this conversation and what would you like the everyday girl to show in our magazine? AB: I would like for everyone to know that they are Destined4Chãnj because they have the tools 4 Survival and with God all things are possible. I would like to see and hear about people making a change, people who overcame the odds NB: Well thank you and much success. that concludes the interview AB:Thank you for the opportunity NB:Your Welcome.