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AB: I wrote the Tools 4 Survival to help the people of GOD stand against the enemy. It is designed to give you the tools you need to be and stay saved. It teaches you what to do, what not to do and aids you in developing and elevating your spiritual growth. NB:Was there a particular thing that sparked the idea for the book? AB: I touched on this subject because as a believer I found it to be a struggle to stay saved. Though we are saved there's some things we must do to stay saved. God gave me these tools to promote spiritual life and not death. What sparked the idea was being saved and feeling dead. NB: Wow. As a believer in the industry would this be something I would need to navigate the pitfalls of "The Industry" AB: Yes.Of course. We all need the tools 4 survival. How could you go into battle if you are not equipped NB: Is there any chapter or an excerpt from the book that really touches home for you? AB: Yes Tool number 15 "Don't lose the drive" NB: Explain please.What does this tool address speci fically AB: Although I can say all the tools hit home. This tool really hits home because a lot of times we lose the drive before we see the manifestation. We have to stay excited about our dreams and visions even when we don't see the end result. Some many times we get stagnate because of the what, when's and how's. I believe that if God gave you the vision he already prepared the way and we just have to walk by faith. I believe you have to see it before you see it. The minute you lose the drive your dream and vision dies. NB: What about someone that was "distracted" and want to get back online? AB: That comes with a made a mind. One thought can change your life.It's easy to get distracted but my motto is how bad do you want it?! NB: OK. How his it been since the release of your book? AB: Things been great. Lives been touched and transformed.Touching on distractions.. We have to keep our eyes on the prize. The minute you look to the left or the right you began to sink.we must constantly move forward knowing that we cannot win a race running backwards. Anything about D4C? Destined4ChΓ£nj Movement NB: Where did that come from and is that your companyNow writi ΉœΡ‘”‰½½¬₯́½Ή”Ρ‘₯Ήœ‰ΥЁ…Ι”ε½Τ₯Έ΅₯Ή₯ΝΡΙδό)齐…Ω”΅”Ρ‘₯́΅½Ω•΅•ΉΠΡΌ‘…Ή”Ν½₯•ΡδΡ‘ɽ՝ ΑΙ…Ρ₯…°Ρ•…‘₯Ήœ°Ρ‘”έ½Ι½˜½…Ή±½Ω”Έ$‰•±₯•Ω”)Ρ‘…Ёݔ…Ι”Ρ‘”•Ή•Ι…Ρ₯½ΈΡ‘…Ё½₯́…±±₯Ήœ™½ΙΡ ΡΌΝΡ…Ή₯ΈΥΉ₯Ρ丁$‰•±₯•Ω”…±°Α•½Α±”‘…Ω”„‘•ΝΡ₯Ήδ½˜Ι•…ΡΉ•ΝΜ)…ΉΑΥΙΑ½Ν”ΉΌ΅…Ρѕȁݑ…Ёε½ΥȁΑ…ΝЁ₯́±₯­”Έe½Τ…ΈΝΡ₯±°‰”έ‘Ό½…±±•ε½ΤΡΌ‰”…ΉΡ‘…Н́Ι•…ΡΉ•ΝΜΈ]”…Π)Ρ ΝΡΙ₯Ω”ΡΌ‰”•™™•Ρ₯Ω”±•…‘•Ί₯ΉΝΑ₯Ι₯ΉœΡ‘½Ν”έ”½ΉΉ•Πέ₯Ρ °±•ΡΡ₯ΉœΡ‘•΄­Ή½άΡ‘…Ёё•δ…Ι”•ΝΡ₯Ή•Ρ £Ή¨)…ΉΝ•ΡΡ±₯Ήœ₯́Ή½Π…Έ½ΑΡ₯½ΈΈ)9θMΌέ‘…Н́Ή•αЁ™½Θε½Τό((0