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Arrquasia L. Boyd Mother, author, speaker, and founder of a movement are some of the hats Arrquasia L. Boyd wears. A native of Staten Island, New York, Arrquasia is on a mission to accomplish God’s will. In 2012, Ms. Boyd authored her first book entitled “The Tools 4 Survival… You Shall Live and Not Die” giving readers a guide on how to stay focused on God through relationship, fight any challenge and grow spiritually through adversity. In 2013, Ms. Boyd founded the Destined 4 Chanj Movement and apparel wear to assist in dealing with the ills of society and promoting positive change through practical teaching, reading the word of God and pure love. The mission is to transform lives, one at a time, by providing resources and services that will impact and assist the recipient to be whom God has called them. Arrquasia strives to be an example to her peers and those she encounters by way of her clothing line, book or attending one of her events. In 2014, Ms. Boyd began a Destined 4 Chanj group for women to encourage, inspire and motivate participants to walk in their God given authority. In the near future, her new book “The Tools for Survival… You are Stronger than You Think You Are” will be released to uplift and serve as a reminder of the inner strength we all have through God. NB: Is this your first novel? Where can the people find you? AB:Yes this is my first novel. Facebook personal page- Arrquasia Boyd Facebook movement page- Destined4Chãnj Facebook Women's page- Destined4ChãnjLadies IG- @Destined4Chãnj NB: Where are you from? What made you write this book? AB: Born in Brooklyn raised in Staten Island NB: And on this subject?