EVDG VOL.3 - Page 66

Azir Norwood is a young photographer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The following photos you will see were takem between February 2016-June 2016 when he was 11 years old. I chose to feature him him because of his extraordinary eye and instinctive ability when capturing photos. At each shoot he ran into opposition from much older and seasoned photographers and models. Many times having to bully his way into a shot, Barely over 4 ft tall and questionably under 80 lbs at the time, I would lend my 230 lbs , 6ft frame as a buffer between him and “the elders”.He was not even taken seriously until he was showed the images he captured . He quickly gained the respect of his older peers and on each set seemed to be adopted them as an impromptu apprentice. The dismissive attitude I saw coming from SO once again I introduce you to Mr. Azir Norwood professionally known as Brown. Photograph of Ka fi Clark mother of Azir Norwood and professional model