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tv and movies because they were “sinful”. I was afraid having a drink in the bar or going to the club or acting or pretty much having a life would send me to hell. The condemnation I experienced brought back the feelings of worthlessness from my past that I was trying to get away from. Filled with guilt for being an actress and model and feeling ashamed of my body I put both down for several years. But I yearned to express my self and be accepted on my own terms for who I was without fear or thinking God hated me for being an actress and model. I started to model and act again, at first doing my own photo shoots where I would make my own props and costumes, etc. I started making my own short films and putting then up online sometimes just propping up the camera on a stand or a pile of books because I had no one else to hold the camera. I started getting professional acting and modeling gigs like Cheeky Magazine and Latin Dog Studios as well as TV shows Like House of Cards, Do No Harm, and I Married A Mobster. I was also in films like Paranoia, Charlie and a Girl Named Savanna, The Blue Eyed Six and various music videos. etc. After My first staring role in I Am An American and being nominated for an acting award I decided that I did all I could on the East Coast and it was time to go for the big leagues- Hollywood. With almost no money I flew out with two bags of stuff leaving everything else behind I arrived in Hollywood literally one block from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Being able to see the Hollywood sign from my window, I knew I had to go for it no mater what. People from the East coast said I would be eaten alive but I knew they were just jealous that I went when they were too afraid to go. I have since been in multiple music videos on MTV and BET for artists like Cali Smoov and Swagger Splash and Codename Ghost. I have just completed work on the upcoming movie Bloody Hands. But in between professional acting and modeling work I still do my own videos for youtube and instagram, while still conducting my own photo shoots. I know that I made the right move. Acting and modeling have always been my passion and true c [[\]H[H؜X\[H^H[[H^\^Y\[]\Hۛ\\\HH[ۙ˜[\]HYYˈHۙ\[Y]H]\YH܈X[X]\HH[HYH]HYB\[[[\[\\HX Hۙ\\[[[ۙHY\ۙ[[YH܈YBH][^HYK΋[Yܘ[KKY[][]HY[][]K˘B˞[]XKK\\Y[U[]BY[][]K HY[][]K˘H˞[]XKK\\Y[U[]BH۝[YY[^\YB\[YKZ[\ۙB[B'H[H[[Y\X[XYX\[[[H L L'HYH^YY^8'HX܋[Z\\ L L'\YK]܈[H\Y][x'H\\ L L'\[Xx'H\[\YH8$ L‚