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Tiffany Vallati By:Tiffany Vallati 1.)Passionate 2.)driven creative Details Height: 5' 2" Weight: 112 lbs Bust: 32" Waist: 26" Hips: 36" Cup: B/C Dress: 3 Shoe: 5.5 Hair color: Brown Hair length: Medium Eye color: Hazel Ethnicity: Caucasian Skin color: Olive I had a very harsh childhood from the very beginning. My parents split up before I was even born so I never knew a happy home. My mother remarried a very strict abusive military man who would abuse me so I chose to stay with my father. My mother was so filled with hatred for my father that she disowned me and I have not had regular contact with her since I was a child. But as time moved on, my father started dating more and more and remarried and focused more on his new wife and and their new kids. Things came to a head when my own father punched me so hard he broke my nose and splatter blood everywhere. I had to live in foster care for awhile and was bullied horribly by the other girls there. As I got older I looked for love in all the wrong places and wound up with an abusive big time drug dealer, who operated all over the state. I felt trapped as he was a very paranoid man who kept me under lock and key. I started reading the bible and turned to God as my boyfriend cut me off from the outside world. Eventually I got away and started to pursue modeling and acting to deal with the depression and anxiety I was dealing with. I was featured in FHM and various other magazines, poster etc. I started taking acting classes for in depth knowledge of acting. Studying theater and the Stanislavsky Method. I also trained as a painter and artist. But during this time I had no help from anyone, and I had to pay my way through college as both parents had abandoned me. During this time I started attending a church that was really more of a cult focused on the pastor, almost to the point of worshiping him. I stopped watching