EVDG VOL.3 - Page 44

Our main problem has been working around the ever changing schedule Drew has to live by. We have rewritten and reworked this prequel so many times it has become more of a puzzle to edit than a film. But what has come of it has evolved into a living breathing thing that has turned out to be more creative and innovative than we ever could have imagined 2 years ago, when Drew and I were sitting on the porch making plans for world domination. We film what we can, when we can, and with whatever cast members are available. The cast has been amazing and supportive and even in times when someone has had to cancel or not show up at the last minute, we have found creative ways to work around it and keep the story moving forward. Even with all that, and everyone working full time jobs, we have about 6 hours of story filmed that predates Episode 1. Right now, I am in the final phases of editing the first 2-hour edition. It’s going straight to VOD. But what we have planned for the 2 Hour Cinema Premiere and the following 12 episodes is what will blow your mind. 8)Has that deterred you? As I said before, my main challenge has been working with scheduling. We always have a blast when we are together and get things done. It’s always productive and out of the box. The stress of not knowing from day to day what the schedule is going to be is daunting to my sanity. Long distance communications, text messages, and emails… dropped overseas calls and crazy hours, time differences and 20+ people in the cast is a heavy, heavy stuff to deal with when you’re making things happen on no budget (which means everything out of mine and Drew’s pocket). It has aged and jaded me. Add running a bar that hosts over 300 bands a year and floods… it’s been intense. Paperwork and scheduling have been our most frequent deterrent. It keeps the rest of us on call and in a holding pattern. 9) What is the ultimate goal for you? Our ultimate goal is to make enough from VOD sales of the prequel editions to fund our first Cinema release. It is a full 2-hour feature film. We [\HYYH]\[Z[H L[[XB\\\وH\X\ۋH[[X\HH] KH\\\H[\[[X]\XX[۝ [H[X\[H][\[۝ ]^K[HY\Z[XBX]\[[]\ۈ\\\ۈY^HZ\ۙKH[HH\و\[ L HY[HY[[HUXY^[HXXY][H܈\[\Y]’H]HY[][Uܛ[]KH\X[H\HHH\و[\YK][B\H[\HܙX][[HݙH]][܋LJH][H[XZ\[]\Y^H\’x&[H[]\Y^H\[^HX\وX\X]\HH[HH[KH۸&]YY[Y][ۈۛ™\H]HYH܈\ݘ[XX܈H[x&[H][܋[HX^H[YH\YH[][][܈[H[H\Y[Z[X\[YZ[ˈH[HH[H]\H^Kx&[H^Z[\\܈\[^HX\[܈[Y\ۈ]\LHH\H[H[]\Y^H\’x&[Hܚ[]\^\[[XZHH]\YH܈^\[^H[Z[K^H\[H[HHݙB[[ݘ]HH[\Z[Y[[\KH۸&]]H][Y]x&\[] [][YBY x&Y[H^HXZH^Hۈ^K