EVDG VOL.3 - Page 43

It seemed too good to be true. But Steve was sure it was all happening for a reason. He had me look Drew up on Imdb. There was no way to contact him. The next morning, I contacted a life-long friend of mine who had been reading the script as it developed. She works for a Film Company giant out in California and I trusted her judgement. She looked him up and found no contact info. That’s when being a Boxer’s daughter clicked for me. I thought to myself, “If I was gonna contact a fighter, who would be the one person that would know how to reach him? …his trainer.” So I looked up his coach back home in Scotland and sent him an email. The next day I woke up to an email from Andrew Galloway, the real man behind the Drew McIntyre character of WWE. I freaked out. I never expected to hear from anyone, much less Drew only hours later. I made myself some tea while I called my friend in California and told her the news and that I sent him my phone number. At that point she told me she had been thinking I should turn the trilogy into a series and pitch it to the cable networks. My head was spinning. I let her go and went to warm up my tea. As I filled my cup, I looked up and asked God out loud, “How in the world am I gonna find time to run a bar, a band, homeschool a 6 yearold, and turn 240 pages into 12 hour-long episodes?”. I turned to walk off, slipped and broke my foot. While I was sitting on the floor, covered in tea, holding my foot in tears, Drew called. In the weeks that followed, I was laid up with the foot and turned the trilogy into a series. And, we finally sent that fax to Zakk Wylde’s management and Blasko called me back! Everything fell into place. 4) How has it been filming? Filming has been really slow. A few months after we started the project, Drew was released from the WWE and started having to work on the indie circuit. He has done phenomenally well, but sadly, it doesn’t leave much time for the series. 5) And what is the cursed about? The Cursed is about the modern day life of the Celtic Demigod CuChulainn. He was cursed to be a Vampyre (a living immortal with a curse, not a living dead creature like a vampire) by an evil Roman priest who was trying to rid the world of the Messianic race (like Jesus and his family), around the time of the Crucifixion. Their group is comprised of many fabled historical, biblical, mythological figures and mystical creatures in many forms and mixes there-of. Refusing to feed on innocent humans, Lugh (CuChulainn), his family and friends, still must feed their sorted curses to stay alive. So, they hunt and prey on serial killers, rapists, terrorists, monsters, and other things that slip through the cracks of the mortal justice system. They are the keepers of the balance between good and evil upon the earth. But it’s not as cut and dried as it sounds. While they sort through the karmic debris of their 2,000 year-old personal lives, an ancient evil is rising. Lugh and his people are going to have to return to battle once again, or watch helplessly as humanity is virtually made extinct by the warring gods. 6) How did you manage putting all of this together amidst the storms in Texas? Was filming effected? The weather has been nuts! Many of us have lost our homes, cars and more to the recurring flooding that has been going on for the last 5 years. But we have managed to make it work for us, by using it in the story as it has developed over the past two years. 7) So tell me about the challenges you have had or have?