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inspired, I broke out the headphones, threw in the Black Label Society and started writing more story lines for those characters, interwoven with the story already in the Trilogy. In 2007 I got pregnant with my youngest son Sakiel and spent the early months of 2008 in the hospital. My health was bad for a few years after that so I wrote more. I completely revamped all the out dated dialogue and cleaned up the scripts. I discussed things with my husband and business partner Stephen Ronsonette. We decided we should start looking for locations for sets and let things fall in to place. Rather than to try to raise money to shoot a film, we’d put together a package for the entire Trilogy. We found more than we hoped. We even found a way to purchase the bar we use in the series in 2011. With a script ready to go and everyone cast except Lugh, I had enough characters to actually put together some back story to the very first feature film for The Cursed… a “prequel” so to speak. Almost all the cast was now not only in order, but most everyone was actually working at the bar in some capacity or another. We were set and ready to go, using Lugh only as a character the other lead male Zeke, talks to on the phone… we thought it would give a mysterious nature to the character and set up his big into in the actual first feature film. That’s when a huge storm and a leaky old roof, combined to burn the club down and put us, and the film, out of business for the better part of a year. Back open in 2013 and ready to go, a guy walks through the door that was a local here who had been away doing modeling in NYC. He heard about us needing a lead character and wanted to take the role. He was nothing like what I wanted. But I was desperate. We started prepping to film. Here’s where things started to go 10 directions at once. We couldn’t get a single sequence finished any time we shot Lugh’s scenes. The guy playing him would take 15 takes for a single line of dialogue. He didn’t seem to be able to read the script or deliver any lines clearly. Then we found out he had dyslexia. So the scenes were being read to him. He was drinking heavily and not being able to stay straight long enough to complete a day’s filming. I was distraught. The only thing worse than this guy’s acting was the drama that came along with him. I fired the guy and came back to sit in front of the computer and stare at the script. I had been trying to get in contact with anyone who could put me in touch with Zakk Wylde, the driving force behind the music I wrote The Cursed to. I was finally on the right track and thought I was gonna have a viable project to offer him. I wanted him to be the music behind the series. Now I was back at square one with only a script and hours of useless footage. I checked my email and there was the fax number that would put The Cursed in the hands of his manager Blasko. I can’t even tell you how I was feeling. My husband brought me some tea in my favorite Scooby Do mug to comfort me. We sat there silent, staring at the number on the screen. He said, “If you have one shot Shea, this is it. We can’t blow it by not having a package if they bite.” At that moment I looked up at God and said out loud, “Where am I supposed to find a big long haired white guy with a Celtic accent?”. Exactly that instant, my son Sakiel came through the office door with a DVD in his hand and said, “Look Mom, Stanton got me a Scooby movie with WWE… like on the video game!”. Stephen and I looked at one another. We both turned to the computer. I went to youtube and typed in “Men of WWE”. The third video down was a guy in a kilt with long brown hair. I clicked on it. It was Drew McIntyre. Immediately, I was opposed because the last name was the same as the guy who I had just fired that night. But Steve was adamant. He made me watch… I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Lugh… living breathing and speaking in front of my face. It was the face I had seen all those years ago when I created the character… even though Drew was probably only 4 or 5 in Scotland back then. His voice was th HXHHYX\[HܛH]\Hܙ܈H\ ™XY\ˈHY 8'[\HHHYZY[H\\[X\'B