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life. You control your own actions so I decided to not only exist in this world but to try to live in it as well. For the balance it's been pretty easy for the most part my dad, granny or sister watches the kids for me or like this weekend and last weekend they were at their nanas and now aunt's house so it always works out. I'll even be shooting a movie hopefully in the spring of this year called kind King of Clubs where I play a assistant DA who's searching for every bit of information to put her father's killer behind bars for the rest of his life. I die in the middle, but she goes out with a bang...lol. She's a tough one. NeVaughn : After that summation I have only one other question Chasity : Of course NeVaughn : What would you like to see The Everyday Girl portray or show? Chasity : Women acting like ladies treating each other with respect young girls or boys don't see that enough it's all over TV women disrespecting each other in gossip magazines degrading each other on social media they need to see women who aren't perfect but they love themselves and care for others I'm not gonna try to not sound crazy or like some nutcase but I truly love everyone from people I know to the stranger in the street, why because we are all human I want everyone to be happy and yes I know I'm not living in a fairytale but that's just me that is my heart it's my blessing and my curse...lol. Kids need what we had back in the day the Cosby show 7th heaven family matters full house the list goes on to positive shows where women taught how to be lady like, yes it's TV but when you're watching it it's programming you in a sense we need positive programming. I hope that makes sense. NeVaughn : Yes it does. Chasity : Ok but I truly believe kids today need that. It's sad reality shows grown women fighting throwing drinks on each other, I'm sorry but the Jewish part of me would not be wasting money like that, I'm paying for the drink and you think she's gonna wear it, I don't think so. They need Claire Huxtable Mom Camden, Vivian banks, not blac China, they don't need to see the only way to fame is to make a fool of yourself and others. You can be poised and lady like and still be successful. NeVaughn : Well Thank you very much for the interview. It was great I will send the original and edited version to you Chasity : Thank you again so much! I appreciate you choosing me Awesome! I can't wait to see it