EVDG VOL.3 - Page 39

Chasity : I was excited and kind of stunned that you'd even come across my page let alone take time out to talk to me and have interest in me for your magazine. De finitely made my day well week...lol. NeVaughn : And being chosen as our covergirl for our first issue in 2016 Chasity : I'm ecstatic really. I can't wait to see it And show my kids & family, who's super supportive. NeVaughn : How many children do you have ? And Tell me just a little more about your family Chasity : I have 2 a little girl Brooklyn 7 and my little boy Braylon 3. NeVaughn : You come from a Christian background? Born and raised? And is that you core? Chasity : My family is incredible they literally support my dream and want to see me make it. My mom and dad fully in my corner that's the best feeling in the world. I was thinking I have 2 babies I'm still chasing dreams with my parents approval it's not like you have little people looking after you finish your degree and teach, they want me to have my degree but they want me to be happy and they know 4 walls inside any place for too long won't do it. Chasity : I do my dad is a minister and my papas a pastor. And so was my late grandpa NeVaughn : Your son's next? Chasity : Born and raised in northwest Indiana parents divorced and remarried so it was kind of rough, they had me when my mom was 15 & my dad was 18, so they were young parents doing the best they could. We've moved around so much I had attended 14 elementary schools and it wasn't stable til I got to Jr high and high school. Chasity : Made a lot of friends though and learned to adapt. That's a bene fit. NeVaughn : Your parents remarried each other? Chasity : You know what, whatever my children express interest in I'm going to let them pursue, I want them to dream and to set goals and make it happen, to be happy. No my dad married another lady they'd been married for 21 years then my mom married another man a couple years later. NeVaughn : ok. I have another question what are you looking for in this industry? I see your family structure and your career path. How can this industry help you? And you mentioned you weren't married is that do to the industry ? And how can you balance the personal and the professional? Chasity : I would say Christianity wise I'm a spiritual person I go to family Christian center in Munster love the church. But the churches I grew up in well one in particular if that's all I had been around I probably wouldn't attend church honestly. I'd believe in God but the whole idea is to do good here before you go, you experience heaven on earth every song I heard well remember that traumatized me was the blood stained bann \\X[HH[[X]H[\™Z[[]\YYK ZHHۛY]\ۈX\\Z]H][Hو[H\X\[B\YH\ؘXHHۛHۙH[]YHۙ[][Z]YK[H[\Hۙ\HB[[[X[HXZH]^H\Hو[YHۙHXZ[\K]]X[HX]\YH\\[\]ܛB]][H[Y[HY[[]H\]\]\H][H[[[\X[\[[ۙH[[K][K[X[H[H[[K [H[[^H]][] HXX[HX[H\[B[][ۜ\]HܙX]X[ZH^H[Z[H[H\ܝ^HX[KYܙHH\[HX]\H] NH\›X\YY[Y]HY[^\^H\Y\H[YH^H[[\X[]HYYܝ\[^HX[H[]X[H]\و\HXHH[[HH\H[\YH[\X[\[]\ۛB[\X[\[HXY[\XK[]\\[IX]H[YH[H\H]\[HH[]]X]\HHY]HH^HHܙY[܋]ۘHH]و\H]X][ۈHZ\Y^\[B[]\[[[ۙHX]HYH^HYH[^HX[\]\YZ[X]\H]H[[H]H[\Yܙ][I]HZ[H[H[^H[] [\܈\܈Z\][ [IܙH[\ۈ\ۈ]H[]Y[Y[^H\ۛH^H]]H[HۙH][\YK]Y^H܈XZH[H][\