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NeVaughn : gm Chasity : Gm NeVaughn : How did you start modeling? Chasity : My uncle (my stepdads friend) when I was maybe 14-15 took me to Chicago to a museum where they were hosting a fashion show he and his wife at the time knew I had an interest in modeling and he wanted me to pursue it everyone always told me that I had the look for modeling. NeVaughn : What was your first "job" in modeling Chasity : No I just watched the show in the audience had no idea what went on behind the scenes. And all of a sudden this lady not sure if she was also an audience member or one of the designers but she's like you ought to be up there modeling. My first job was for Alicia international a wig company I had so much fun, my first paying job too NeVaughn : What was your biggest or most memorable experience modeling?How long have you been modeling? Chasity : My most memorable experience was the America's Next Top Model audition I just could not believe every round of choosing the girls they kept calling my number I couldn't believe I was actually being chosen to continue on and even got the contract to go on to the show. I've been modeling off and on for 5 years and going steady 2 now. NeVaughn : Who have you worked for and with? Chasity : My photographer Daniel Metcalfe asked my mom (they're best friends) if he could get my info to shoot my son, but he ran across a picture of me one of my first shoots with Gaetano and we started shooting, he gave me the courage to get back in and go after my dream. I've been published in Emurge magazine July'14 F-Style magazine November '14. I have walked in the Forever 21Bikini Splash, Latino Fashion Week Michael Cox of Born Vain and just last week finished a Queens shoot which was awesome. NeVaughn : Queens, NY or Queens as in Women? Chasity : Queens as women NeVaughn : So you are in your early 20's? Chasity : 27 N