EVDG VOL.3 - Page 32

your heart's desire and don't let anyone EVER discourage you. The world is full of in finite possibilities! How beautiful are these women?! I love the energy! NB: If there was anything you'd like to see addressed in the EVDG magazine what would it be? MK:I think the magazine is perfect. Its uplifting and inspiring....its entertaining and informative. We girls love make up ... I think that would be a fun read too in the Everyday Girl . Thank you for the interview! I'm honored to be a part of the magazine!! NB: What is Next for you? MK: I am currently booking for my "Welcome to OZ Tour" and am in the studio working on my next release. At V2D Records we do things a little different that most. Instead of releasing albums, we release singles and we do so every 45 days to two months. Then we take the fan favorites and place them on an EP. Most albums have maybe one or two hit songs and the rest are fillers, but we are breaking the mold of the traditional model and providing quality over quantity. BIOGRAPHY Mikayla is a V2D Records Recording Artist; Radio and TV personality. Mikayla is a proli fic BMI singer/songwriter with the ability to write in a variety of styles, with her main focus having the edgy garage band sound with the essence of Black Sabbath, Joan Jett and Billy Squier. A Mikayla Show is an experience of Sound, Sight