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own rock opera "Dreamland" with my producer, Terry King. The rock opera consists of 13 original songs and a storyline exploring fantasy, sensuality, nightmares and even a few demons. MK:I live, sleep, eat and breathe music. It is the only thing in my life that completed me. I'd say when I got really serious about it at around 16 years old. I knew that if I didn't follow my dreams I'd be miserable for the rest of my life. As I've continued this path I have also come to love the business side of the music as well. So even when my fans get sick of me I'll still be writing and managing/developing artists from my own label. NB:So you will always be involved in the business is some form? MK:Yes absolutely, it's my passion! I also am breaking into the acting world... there's just so much to do in entertainment business! NB:What's the difference between being involved in the business and continuing to be involved with the art? MK:Great question! I think too many focus on the business and making money that they lose sight of the art. It should go hand in hand but many become greedy and lose their creativity or don't appreciate others. I am very big on keeping the art of it alive. This is someones imagination coming to life. You are being introduced to a part of their life and their heart. It shouldn't be taken for granted. That is what I love about my label, V2D Records. They allow me to express my creativity in whatever genre I like... I can write about what I want... I don't have anyone telling me "No, you can't do it like this... or this isn't how everyone else is doing it". They truly believe in the artist and making your dreams reality.. as their name states "Vision to Destiny Records". NB:Alot of people get the two confused. Alot of people "Trade their passion for Glory." What have you gained from this industry? MK:Absolutely and the business should always have the artist's best interest in mind so they can stay true to themselves and what they believe in. I haven't traded my passion for glory. In fact I have even more passion for the process. I have a passion to be in the studio...to write and record...I'm learning to mix and master in the studio... I have a passion for entertaining people...I have a passion to see the crowd response to my music and as far as the fame and glory, its all an illusion anyway. NB: So you never felt deterred? MK:Doubt is the killer of dreams. I am a big believer in keeping the positive energy alive because it is creative. It creates opportunities for success. Like with the law of attraction... positive attracts positive... negative attracts negative... and one negative thought with a positive keeps you in the same place you were yesterday because they cancel each other out. You have to continually believe in yourself and others will too. If you doubt yourself, others will too. I am successful no matter what the world thinks... no matter how much money I make or how much fame I have, because I am doing exactly what I love. I am an everyday girl because I have dreams like everyone and I know it takes hard work and energy to make those dreams reality. I am genuine and passionate. I love myself, my vision and I have the will to succeed. No matter how the world changes I stay true to myself and encourage everyone else to do the same. Follow