EVDG VOL.3 - Page 26

How has the journey been to reaching your goals? Los Angeles has been the biggest stepping stone in getting me closer to my goals. How did you manage both careers and a personal life? My life is based around my music. I even work on music with my boyfriend. Modeling and acting is what I mainly do as my work. Have you ever been discouraged? I've been discouraged, but I always try to keep a positive attitude because I know doing what I love will bring me the highest reward. And now you have a new project are you independent or signed to a major? I'm an independent artist and working on my next project. I recently released a single available for free download on soundcloud, and have another single coming out in late April. I saw you on TV as well. And not to go backwards but I must ask do you have a team behind you? I have a commercial agent and theatrical agent who help me with the modeling jobs and commercial opportunities. What is the most important thing, person or motivation in your life? My grandmother Bunny has always been my role model, showing me positivity in the face of adversity, kindness and love without limits. How did you feel when the EVDG Magazine reached out to you for this interview? I was honored. What do you think makes an Everyday Girl? I think an Everyday Girl is a positive sprit who works hard for her goals while always taking care of herself and loved ones. Why are you an Everyday Girl? I do my best to be one