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Ebonique is a singer/songwriter/model from Chicago, Illinois, now living in Los Angeles. Growing up listening to talents like Stevie Wonder, Queen, Janet Jackson, Etta James, The Beatles and Prince, Ebonique developed a love for a range of eclectic music and style that she always continues to explore. In late 2014, Ebonique released her first EP, Cruisin’, on iTunes which is a compilation of songs inspired by 80s and 90s pop and R&B. Following her debut EP, she embarked on a 4 month performance tour in China, followed by a 2 month performance circuit in Los Angeles, hitting spots such as Universal City Walk, The Hotel Cafe and House of Blues. Her next upcoming single, "Be the One" will be released in late January 2016, and is a sultry departure from her usual dance/pop in fluence. She cam also be see on Wild n out season 8 and a life lock commercial. Where are you from? I was raised in Evanston, IL Where were you born? I was born in Chicago, IL How long have you been modeling, singing and acting? I've been singing my entire life, modeling for 4 years and recently started acting a year ago. What things have you done so far? I've performed in China for 4 months at a night club, The House of Blues VooDoo Lounge in LA, and other hollywood venues You are vey young when did you start modeling? I started modeling in college What made you start singing and performing? I've always loved music since I was younger but I had stage freight. I sang in choirs for years but was afraid of singing solo. After I graduated college, I decided it was time to sing solo. What is your main goal being that you can sing, act and model? My main focus is music.