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10 questions with the DrD 1. was born in South Vietnam and came to the United States as a refugee in 1989. I resided in New Orleans for 10 years before moving to North Carolina. 2. I have model for about a year in 2007 but have not pursue further with it because of business, young children, and graduated school programs. 3. My families has always told me that I have a baby doll face. Never looked my age. But what drives me to modeling is my dream of wanting to become a model. 4. My first year of modeling has been an extraordinary experiences. I have met many great people and gain many great traits as well as experiences during my short year of modeling. 5.I am a Doctor of Science, specializing in Healthcare Management and I am researching heavily in that along with medical science. 6.I am a highly motivated and determined person with a strong supporting foundation in my friends and relatives. Those attributes have helped me manage my family, business and career as smoothly as I can, overcoming many obstacles. Sadly, as of late, my health issues have pressured me to retire from my business and now I focus on my advocacy of the juvenile diabetes organization and American Heart Association. It is imperative for me to being awareness for those chronically ill since it is so close and sensitive to my heart. 7. There's many challenges that I have encounter. First, my medical issues has been the primary challenges on these journal. Second, the trials of being a woman in the business world and how difficult it can be to actually witness other women play nice instead of compete. Third, but not least, the challenges of business ethnics in today world sometime contradict with personal morals and values of one person believes. 8. It occasionally does get me down but I remember that I've got a goal in mind and I just keep pushing to help others even if there are people who don't agree with my mission or methods. 9.Since I’ve dedicated the first 40 years of my life to family, my careers and establishing a business. Now that the children are getting older and all grown up, my business is successful and I’ve accomplished my goals career wise. Now, while I'm want to pursue my passions of spreading awareness of juvenile diabetes and chronic illnesses that I advocate in my organization, I also want to pursue further with my dre [Hو[[[˂L [HY[[[UXY^[HXXY]YH܈\[\Y]H\\X[ ܈ۙKX]\HIBY]UXY^[H[][ۜY\YK]]H[YH[YKH\X]X܈Hܝ[]K]XZ\YH[]\Y^H\\H^H[X][ۜ[]][ۜ[^H]\XX^H[Y\\و[B؜X\]X^HH[^H^KH؜X\\[YYHX[YHۙ\\[[]YX[[[YYBݙ\YHH[[\[YK