EVDG VOL.3 - Page 20

KW: (Laughs) I do not know….I really don’t look at myself like that. I like to see people smile. I don’t like negativity. I try to keep negativity away. CH: I guess that would be part of the transitioning to keep you up… KW: I de finitely think with any type of illness it cannot have any negative type thought and you will but you gotta bring yourself back. I’ve heard people with cancer say “We can’t control it. It’s all how you think about it. CH: Is that something you had your whole life? KW: I was of ficially diagnosed in 2013 and it’s just something you get diagnosed with.MS effects your nervous system. I was tripping everywhere. You know with MS your legs and arms will go numb.This right hand would just go out. At the time I was still working and working with doctors. I was getting really dizzy and I was talking to my coworkers because they could see what I was going through. Writing would be like a 2year old learning to write. But the thing that made me me go to the doctor was our company’s Christmas party. I was falling up the steps like I was drunk. My feet just wouldn’t...... I was falling. I said let me go to the doctor. CH: Finally, after the third or fourth time? Men usually get in trouble for that. KW: I know and I work in the health field. I think we are the worst. Kimberly breaks into a guilty laugh as Chris playfully test her stubbornness and once again her bright spirit lifts the mood as she tells how it was going through the process of being diagnosed and accepting it. KW: So I went to the doctor’s then the neurologist . The MRI came back and it was...”Yeah you have MS.” It was classic symptoms of everything. CH: Just like that? KW: With my doctor I was devastated and boo hooing bu