EVDG VOL.3 - Page 19

join in and they agree as old classmates and friends of 20+ yrs they would just have a conversation. The mood is light but the conversation that takes place is serious, enlightening and..... CH: What is your passion? DO you know what your purpose is? KW: My passion right now is to change the world. I know i'm one person but to change the world.Just helping people. Being a light where ever I can. My goal is to help people especially children.So I am trying to do that through the arts. CH: What type of arts? KW: Along with my partner I'm trying to open a creative arts community center. We are trying to get everything together with that so right now I just want to be a solution. CH: Anybody can state the problem “Its broke!” but what are you going to do too make a difference? KW: Right. And that is where I am at right now just trying to be a solution to some problems. Whether on a small level or large level because you never know where things can go. CH: Why the creative arts? I don't remember the acting bug.... KW: I am not an actor, or musician or any of that ...But I know that children do well and better through the arts when they outlet. To me children do not have an outlet these days. I wanna give them an outlet to do things especially in the city. So whatever they are going through they have a creative way to express it. They need an outlet CH: It seems even in school they are taking those courses out.I did 4 years of chorus and I sing now and without them I would not have what I have now. KW: I have an niece in high school. She is on the honor roll and plays 4 instruments. To me that keeps her mind and keeps her focused on her work and helps make her a better person to strive and do better. Alot of kids don't have anyone saying good job to them. CH: To show up to the games KW: Right we live in a sel fie world. CH: The thing about the sel fie is I know a girl who is chronicling her life through the sel fies. On social media everything looks good and happy, you see her with her friend and her girls but behind that you cannot see the depression , the abuse. Sad to say most of the things I knew about you were through social media. KW: You know I’d throw up a sel fie like”I feel like crap today”. Social media can be a positive thing if used the right way. There are so many women of color that have MS that you wouldn’t know about . CH: So what makes you different?