EVDG VOL.3 - Page 16

The Fear of Rejection The fear of rejection you are linking your success in life is based on what people think. Every “what if” scenario that runs through your mind is based on the acceptance of others. What you need to know: There are two types of people in your life and only one you actually want. There are those that are for you and those that are not. Those that can see you and those that can’t. The key is to connect with those who are for you and can see. The problem is that we spend too much time trying to get the attention of everybody when everybody’s attention is not what we need. When you fear rejection you are taking it personally. Instead you need to see yourself as the valued commodity, a treasure. True treasures can sit on the shelf and look to the untrained eye like junk. But to someone who can see your worth, they will treat you as the treasure you are. Stop trying to make opportunities, and relationships fit where they are not supposed to. This becomes a formula for abuse. Someone’s junk is someone else's treasure. The Fear of Failure This fear is the fear that stops many from even trying. We are conditioned as children to view failure as a negative. We never step out and try new opportunities because in our head is the voice screaming at you. “What if you fail?” We have to change how we see failure. Failure is not a bad result. Quitting and never starting because of a “what if” is worse than failing. The problem with failure is that we look at failure as an identity instead of a result. You are not a failure, you failed. There is a difference. When you failed it was a result of something you did not do right. So the key to fixing a failed result is just identifying what went wrong and not repeating it. Remember failure is a process problem not an identity problem. The Fear of Success The last fear is a fear I never hear talked about. Maybe because it sounds crazy but it is real. The Fear of Success. What happens if I make it? Can I handle the stress, the new responsibilities, the demands on my time and family? If I become successful how will that affect my family? OMG I’m in a different tax bracket. It is easy to stay where you are because where you are you are comfortable with the good the bad and the ugly. What do you do when you are on the verge of success? I believe with all the fears, but especially the fear of success, the key to getting over this is knowledge and accountability. The More You Know the Less You Fear. Knowledge is the easy part. Take workshops, online courses. Increase your knowledge base. The second part is accountability. Get around your next